Answers to Your Questions

How do I search for available jobs?

All open positions for Biogen International will be posted under the "Careers" section of our website.

If you are interested in career opportunities in other countries please visit our career portal.

Biogen is committed to developing its talent. We view international assignments as an important step in developing a truely global company by broadening the individual perspective, increasing cultural awareness and promoting internal networking and communication.


What is the best way to apply for a job?

Please apply on-line through our website. Your application will be included in our database which we use to identify potential candidates for all openings. Upon submission of your CV we will ask for your permission to store your personal data. We, as a company, adhere to EU directive on protection of personal data. We will frequently ask you to re-confirm your consent to store your personal data for our recruiting purposes.

A recruiter will immediately contact you if your profile matches our requirements. We also welcome you to refer friends if you spot job openings which might fit their profile and interest.


Will Biogen reimburse travel expenses related to interviews?

We will reimburse all travel expenses directly related to the interviews which you have been invited. The recruiter will discuss the timing and details with you.


How important is the English language in an American company?

Biogen International is the link between the corporate headquarters and our affiliates. As an employee, you are operating in a international environment which is reflective of our workforce. A perfect command of the English language is a pre-requisite in order to effectively communicate with the US and the affiliates. Excellent business English is therefore required, additional languages are desired.


Do I need pharmaceutical experience in order to be suitable considered as a candidate?

From a commercial management position we require comprehensive pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience. Together, with a proven track record, you also should have multi-country or professional international experience in order to be successful in your position.

For non-managerial or non-commercial positions, pharmaceutical expertise is not required but certainly an experience that will increase your chances of being considered as a preferred candidate within the recruiting process.


How can I find out about housing costs in Switzerland?

Housing is relatively expensive in Switzerland, but personal income taxes are one of the lowest in Europe. As cantonal and city taxes can vary quite significantly, housing costs are  dependent on where you live. The following website provides you with housing costs as well as a tax calculator (Steuerrechner) showing you the difference of taxes based on your potential residence: www.immoscout.ch


Where is Biogen Idec International GmbH located?

Biogen International GmbH is located in the city of Zug in Central Switzerland. It is approximately 45 km south of Zürich and 30 km north of Lucerne. Zug can be reached in less than 45 minutes from Zürich airport. The office is 200 m from the train station in the Opus office campus behind the Siemens building.

Zug is famous for being extremely business oriented.  It is known as a hot spot for the high tech industry and international holdings or headquarters of companies.


Will Biogen support my relocation if I am presently living outside Switzerland ?

We will facilitate your move to Switzerland by offering you the support of a moving and relocation agency. Based on competitive quotes, we will select a moving agency which will handle the move of your household and if needed temporary storage. A relocation agency will help you find temporary accomodations, support your house hunting, help with enrollment of your children in school and support you in the basic initial arrangements, e.g. setting up bank accounts, signing up for required insurances. The company will request the work and residence permit for you.