Living & working in Switzerland


lake.jpgSwitzerland is known for its high quality of life and scenic landscape. The vista of old cities bordering crystal blue lakes surrounded by impressive mountain scenery attracts tourists from all over to the world. With four official languages, its many cultures, a rich history and beautiful landscape, Switzerland offers a great deal more than cheese, banks, Swiss Army knives and Heidi. If you are interested to learn more about the country, you are welcome to read more about the History of Switzerland. This site also offers a very good historical overview.

Canton of Zug

clocktower.jpgThe Canton of Zug (pronounced tsoogk) is located in the heart of Switzerland between Zürich and Lucerne. Zug hosts many international companies which are operating on an international or worldwide basis. Its central geographical location, excellent infrastructure, favorable tax system, business oriented authorities and beautiful surroundings make Zug an attractive place to work and live.

Canton Zug has the lowest tax rates in the country – about half the national average – which attracts flocks of multinational corporations, which in turn pushes average per capita net income up to an incredible Fr.70,000 (£30,500) a year. Zug’s modern, business-driven existence proceeds without pomp amidst the glittering offices and malls of the new town, a world away from the picturesque medieval churches and cobbled waterfront lanes of the compact OldTown adjacent. Over the centuries, Zug’s OldTown has regularly suffered from landslides, most recently in 1887. Today with the addition of modern retaining lake walls, the danger has receded. The town’s location on the crystal-blue Zugersee (lake of Zug) is very attractive, framed by the high wooded plateau of the Zugerberg rising 600m to the east and the peak of the Rigi on its southwest shores.

Property in Switzerland

ZugOldCity_web.jpgWhen you are investigating your move to Switzerland you should gather some information on renting or buying property in Switzerland. Housing and rental prices are quite high and vary a great deal from canton to canton. Housing availability is limited and taxes are determined on a local basis in each canton.





Living and Working in Switzerland

Swiss_and_other_flags_on_bridge.jpgBiogen is focused on reflecting the cultural diversity of Europe within its workforce in Zug, where we employ over 250 people from more than 30 countries of origin. We invite highly skilled experts and managers with an international educational and professional background to apply.