Biogen is proud to take part in celebrating the fourth annual World MS Day with the MS (multiple sclerosis) community around the globe. World MS Day is the world’s only global awareness raising campaign for MS. Every year, the MS movement comes together to provide the public with information about MS and how it affects the lives of more than two million people around the world. Raising awareness educates the general public and enables positive developments in policy, funding for MS care, and research.


World MS Day 2012 is centered on the 1000 Faces of MS, which puts people with MS at the heart of the campaign.1000 Faces of MS was created to bring together stories, messages and support for people living with and affected by MS, providing an opportunity to share their stories and be a part of the global movement of people working to raise awareness of the disease.

World MS Day, launched in 2009, began with more than 200 events in 67 countries and has continued to grow. Last year activities expanded to more than 73 countries worldwide.


As a company dedicated to improving human health worldwide, we must help shape the world in which people live and receive care. It is the framework through which we fulfill our mission to deliver innovative therapies to people with serious diseases such as MS. Biogen is unwavering in our commitment to the MS community and helping patients with this debilitating disease. As the leader in MS, it is our responsibility to take an active role in helping to raise awareness.

In recognition of this important day, Biogen will be hosting the following events:

  • Finland: Launching an MS awareness campaign, in cooperation with the local MS advocacy organization and other pharmaceutical companies. The company is also sponsoring a charity walk for health care providers
  • France: Hosting Maison De La Sep (House of MS), where MS patients will be able to receive information on MS, take part in social activities, and meet with medical specialists in seven cities
  • India: Conducting a local MS awareness campaign in nine cities across the country
  • Japan: Sponsoring “Messages to Those Who Support My Dreams,” an essay competition to collect stories from people living with MS about their dreams and appreciation of their friends and loved ones who support them. The company will also distribute information about MS to the public to raise awareness of the disease
  • The Netherlands: Launching the “dreaMS” contest with a local MS advocacy organization to collect stories of hope from people living with MS. Winners will receive an award to help make their dreams come true
  • Norway: In cooperation with the national MS advocacy organization, conducting several meetings around the country for people with MS and their families about mobility impairment, providing the opportunity to meet with rehabilitation specialists and health care providers
  • Spain: Hosting meetings across the country in conjunction with local MS advocacy organizations to raise awareness of the issue of mobility impairment in people living with MS. The company is also sponsoring a charity race to help raise awareness of the disease
  • Sweden: Along with local MS advocacy organizations, hosting a number of activities for people living with MS – launching an e-learning tool for those who are newly diagnosed; reporting results from a survey on mobility impairment in people living with MS; and hosting an informational meeting with prominent speakers and physicians
  • Switzerland: Raising awareness of mobility impairment in people living with MS in collaboration with the local MS advocacy organization.



Biogen is committed to doing the most for MS patients today and tomorrow. Our company has a heritage steeped in MS. Since 1990, Biogen has conducted almost 50 clinical trials and studies in MS. We are the leader in MS. We are the only company with three approved products for the disease. We have more than 1000 employees who discover, develop, or manufacture MS products and support MS-treating physicians and their patients. We strive to do more for people living with MS. We have one therapeutic candidate for which we have filed for regulatory approval; two late-stage programs currently in Phase III MS trialsand approximately 20 clinical trials in MS – ongoing or planned – in more than 60 countries.